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MSU Drumline help sessions

The help sessions are designed to help you! You are welcome to attend to play along, watch, and get information from Dr. Weber and the leaders of the MSU Drumline.

The 2024 Help Sessions are Thursday evenings from 6:30 - 8:30 beginning January 11, 2024.

2015 DOP.jpg

Day of Percussion

Dr. Weber and the MSU Drumline have hosted a Day of Percussion since 2002. We have nationally recognized clinicians for high school drumlines performances, along with performances by the MSU Percussion Studio, the MSU Drumline, and more! 

Drumline PAC.jpg

MSU Performing Arts Camp

Since 1983, the MSU Performing Arts Camps (PAC) have provided drum major, color guard, and drumline students experiences that develop leadership and performance skills for high school level students. 

The 2023 Drumline PAC is tentatively scheduled for June 22-24.


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