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The drumline has annual auditions that take place in the spring semester before the upcoming fall season. Auditions for 2024 will take place May 4 and May 18 (8:30 am - 5:00 pm for everyone on both days) at Demonstration Hall in East Lansing. Please contact Jon Weber at if you unable to make one of these dates. 


Individuals who are interested in auditioning should consider attending in-person help sessions during the spring semester. The help sessions are Thursday nights from 6:30 - 8:30 at Demonstration Hall beginning in January 2024.  For more information on the help sessions, please visit here:


Register for help sessions / auditions /  copyrighted music

All interested individuals should first register for help sessions using the link below if they have not already. Filling out the form will add you to our email list which will provide updates and reminders about help sessions and auditions, copyrighted music for auditionees, and will keep you connected with the MSU Drumline.


Register for auditions with the Spartan Marching Band

Yes, two forms. :)  All interested individuals should first register for help sessions using the link below if they have not already. Even if you cannot make any of the sessions, filling out the form will add you to our information email list which will provide updates, reminders, and allow you to stay connected with the SMB!


Audition 1

In the first round audition (Saturday, May 4), you will play with your section throughout the day. Every incoming student will play an individual audition for Dr. Weber and the appropriate section leader(s). We will give you feedback on where you stand in the audition process, things you did well, how you can improve, and whether you might have a better chance on a different instrument. Our goal is to make this enjoyable and educational!


Audition 2

 In the second round audition (Saturday, May 18), you will play in your subsection / drumline. We will be evaluating your performance in the ensemble. We will announce the 2024 MSU Drumline at the end of the audition!

Notes on Auditions

* We encourage you to audition on the instrument you would most like to play! Dr. Weber and the section leaders will do our best to help you achieve your goal.

* Instrument auditions are separate. A strong audition on snare does not qualify for cymbals; anyone who earns a cymbal position must do so based on a cymbal audition.

* Bass drummers, please choose a drum and audition for that drum. We may move you based on what works best for the section as a whole. We will evaluate your audition on how well you play the drum your prepared. Please feel free to contact Dr. Weber on which drum might make the most sense for you. 

* Returning members do not have a guaranteed position for the following year. It is possible for an incoming student to earn a position over a returning member. This does not happen often.

* Please do not hesitate to ask for feedback! This could be help sessions, videos, email questions, etc.

* Our goal is to have fun achieving excellence. Relax and enjoy the experience as much as you can!


If you have a conflict with the audition date for any reason, please contact Jon Weber at as soon as possible. Although an in-person audition would certainly be best for all, we will work with every individual to find the best solution for getting a complete and fair audition.

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