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SMB Trumpets Marching


The Trumpet section consists of 60 members who are divided into 4 distinct parts:Eeph (Eb Cornets), Beef (1st Trumpets), Deuce (2nd Trumpets), and Roosk (3rd Trumpets). Our unique ensemble doesn’t have flutes or clarinets, so the Eephs will often play the higher tessitura parts and can project to fill all of Spartan Stadium. The Trumpet section also has various game-day traditions and plays a variety of warmups and tunes on Adams Field before the march to the stadium. Visit our Trumpet section on Adams Field before home games to hear us perform!

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members in the SMB, making the trumpets the largest section in the band!


of our top ranked players are selected to march with Eb Cornets.
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Trevor Jacobs, 2nd Year
Squad Leader

"One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was joining the trumpet section in the SMB. Not only was it a way for me to keep playing my trumpet after high school, but I also got to meet a lot of people that have really become my second family, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that."

Corny fun

Every year in the fall, the trumpet section participates in a plethora of fun activities, including taking a trip to a local cider mill! They spend the day taking pictures together, walking through the corn maze, riding the tractor, and (of course) getting some delicious cider and donuts. Not only do they go there as a section, the trumpets often run into other sections visiting too! While the trumpet section prides itself on its close relationships with each other, they also actively try to build close friendships with the other sections in the band.

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