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The "Tens"

The Spartan Marching Band Big Ten Flag Corps is a group of 16 individuals who carry flags representing the 14 schools in the Big Ten Conference. The Tens are a group of extremely hard-working and passionate individuals with an amazing bond. The "Tens" march during pregame and lead the band to the stadium during the Series. Not only do the Tens get the first look at Sparty as they make the turn across the Beal Street Bridge, but they are also “first on, last off” Spartan Stadium field every pregame. The Big Tens are a unique and tight-knit section that many schools do not have.

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tall flags that weight around 10lbs!
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Due to the unique nature of the Big Ten Flag Corps, some of our members do not have any prior instrument experience, but still produce an amazing performance.
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Claire Kaiser

“The SMB has given me the opportunity to make wonderful friends, travel to fun places, and really hone in on my athletic, mental, and musical skills. It is the most rewarding thing in my life because it challenges me a lot but is always worth it in the end!”

First On, Last Off

One of the most exciting parts of being a Big Ten Flag is leading the band during Series to the stadium and kick stepping out onto the field in pregame. These are both times where the Big Ten Flags are not only incredibly important, but also very visible to those outside of the marching band. As a section, we provide a unique visual element that fans might not always recognize initially. When the Big Ten Flags kick step onto the field, though, everyone knows it’s showtime!

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