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The Alto Saxophone section in the Spartan Marching Band is one of the two sections in the hornline that plays a woodwind instrument. We often call ourselves the “Otlas” (Altos backward), and we like to keep ourselves busy with all sorts of little traditions, both old and new. The section is unique in that we welcome many members who mainly play another instrument, most often clarinet and flute. The Alto section also finds itself prominently in the band’s history; both the first woman in the hornline and the first woman to be band president were from the Alto section.




members in the section
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horn moves during the MSU Series
Rebecca King, 3rd Year, Squad Leader

"The Alto section is filled with the most supportive and welcoming people I know! Within the first week of joining the band, I already felt like I was home. From game days, to rehearsals, to the annual kickball game against the Baritones, it’s always a great time with the Altos!"

"Kick" it!

In the SMB, the Alto section and the Baritone section have a fun rivalry that reaches its peak in the annual kickball game that we call The Hoo-La Cup (Hoo-La being a combination of our section nicknames). The game is played on the Shaw Lane parking ramp on campus and attracts an SMB audience to spectate every year. The Baritones have the series lead 6-3, but the Altos have been the reigning champions since 2019.


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