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Help Sessions

Since 2000 the current Michigan State University Drumline has offered help sessions for those auditioning. These sessions are primarily designed to help anyone auditioning for the MSU Drumline, but anyone is welcome to attend, regardless if he / she is auditioning this year or at all.

The help sessions are designed to help you! You are welcome to attend to play along, watch, and get information from Dr. Weber and the leaders of the MSU Drumline. All skill levels are invited.

To ensure you receive all audition materials, updates on auditions and help sessions, and are receiving all information please fill out the form below.

Help Sessions FAQ

MSU will provide instruments / carriers / stands; you do not need to bring this equipment.

You should bring sticks and access to music from the exercises page (you can print or use a tablet, etc.). 

You can attend even if you have not filled out the form.  The sessions are designed to help all percussionists.  As the sessions get closer to auditions, the focus will become more focused on audition material as well. 

If you are auditioning for the MSU Drumline, help sessions are encouraged but not mandatory. 

Help Session Schedules

The 2024 MSU Drumline Help Sessions begin in January 2024 on Thursday evenings from 6:30 - 8:30. For more details, please check out the calendar.

If you are unable to attend the Help Sessions because of distance or schedule but would like feedback from Dr. Weber and/or section leaders, please contact Dr. Weber at . It is possible to send in videos during the spring for feedback before the auditions.

MSU Drumline Section Leaders created informational packets for each instrument. The links below provide information on approach and technique for the MSU Drumline.

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