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We are the Spartan Mellos! While we often have members of the College of Music in the section, the mellophones have historically represented a wide variety of majors; some common ones include computer science and biology. A majority, but not all, come from playing French horn, either in High school or here at MSU. However, all of us are equally excited to perform with the SMB!

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members in the section each year


percent of the section is made up of students studying disciplines other than music
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Erica Pryor

“There’s no better feeling than performing the Series and pregame on game day with some of your closest friends.”

Friends make family

Similar to other sections in the Spartan Marching Band, the mellophone section becomes a very tight-knit friend group throughout the season, which typically ends in our annual “friendsgiving” and Holiday get-togethers. Through the last few years, there have been a handful of second-generation members of SMB, who have had parents or other relatives march before them, and even a few second-generation Spartan Mellos!

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