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We are the Spartan Bones, 36 members strong with tenor and bass trombones. Our section feels very similar to a family. Whether we're on or off the field, we love to spend time together. We have sectionals twice a week outside of Munn Arena, which helps us prepare for the new show we perform for each home game. Our tuning sequence will knock your socks off!




members in the section each year including 4 bass bones
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squads of 4 trombones that perform in the SMB pregame show
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Christian Vaughan

"To me, being in the SMB means I have something to look forward to everyday. Something that breaks the monotony of classes."

Quality Time

Over the past three years, a lot of our section has lived together in three different houses on a street close to campus. Being together for rehearsal and game days just isn't enough time together! Two years ago, we created a group called the BISSS (Bones Intramural Sports Student Section) to support people in the section who played on intramural sports teams. We watched everything from Hockey to Broomball to Basketball.


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