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The Baritone section plays a unique role in the Spartan Marching Band. The Spartan Baritone culture is rich in its history and traditions, down to the instruments themselves. The section continues to use traditional upright Baritone horns. This provides a distinctive visual aspect to the band, which is capitalized on through various horn moves in the Series and throughout our game day routine. The instrument also brings a unique timbre to the ensemble, adding a certain warmth and airiness to the low brass. The Spartan Baritones also go by another name - the Hooah’s, meaning “the best of the best”.

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members in the section each year
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The SMB Baritones performed their famous "Faygo" for the first time
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Pelin Turan, 3rd year

“The most unforgettable and indescribable feeling is marching into Spartan Stadium and looking up at the 75,001 people in the stands cheering “go state”. I hope to share that experience with someone else"


The Spartan Baritone section and its members also go by another name - The Hooah’s. “This nickname was established in 1988, by baritone section member Jim Starkey. Starkey was a paratrooper in the United States Army. When the section decided that they would make sweatshirts as the section gear for the season, they sought alternative phrases to adorn the shirt besides “1988 Spartan Baritones”. Starkey suggested that the word “Hooah!” be included on the shirt, which resulted in much confusion from the section. Starkey explained that the U.S. Army Paratroopers used the word “Hooah” to describe something that was awesome, cool, or great. The phrase was reserved for the “best of the best”. The exclamation was adopted and quickly caught on” (Spartan Baritone’s History by Jacob “Pancakes” McCormick, 2016-17 Section Historian). Since 1988, “Hooah” has flourished and evolved from an exclamation and motto into a nickname for the section as a whole, the individual members of the section, the instruments themselves, and so much more.

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