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MSU Drumline
Day of Percussion

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The MSU Drumline will have our 2023 Day of Percussion at Grand Ledge High School on Sunday, October 15. We are excited for our 2023 guest clinicians Dr. Alex Smith and Cam Halls to work with high school drumlines from across the state!  The day consists of performances by the MSU Drumline and MSU Percussion Ensemble, the MSU African Diaspora Ensemble with Kevin Jones, section clinics with the MSU Drumline, solo / ensemble performances, and more! 

Tickets will be $8 at the door for all adults. 

Children under 10 will be admitted free of charge.

You only need to register to have your drumline / ensemble / solo perform for the clinicians.


All interested people are invited to attend. This event is informal; people can come and go as desired. The Rudimental Day of Percussion will be approximately 11:00 am - 6:30 pm; the schedule will adjust based on the amount of drumlines performing. 

Each registered high school drumline will perform for around 25 minutes; the clinicians will work with each group towards the end of this allotted time. Registration is $250; this will cover the drumline members and staff.

All audience members / drumlines are invited to work with each section of the MSU Drumline (snares / tenors / bass / cymbals) for section clinics. Please bring your own instruments / sticks / mallets for this clinic. No registration required!

We will have a rudiment table by the entrance, which will have MSU Drumline members with a list of rudiments at this table.  Students can then work on these with us and play these rudiments to achieve levels / door prizes.


The 40 “essential” rudiments are listed here:  

Door prizes are awarded throughout the day!

If your high school drumline is interested in performing, please click the button to register your drumline. 

Solo / Ensemble 

All students have an opportunity to perform for an adjudicator and an audience at the DOP.   You may play on any percussion instrument; it does not need to be a rudimental / marching piece.  This can range from a chamber ensemble to a snare solo to drumset to marimba.  If you are interested, please click on the button for solo / ensemble (or here) to register (you do need to register to perform). 


One or more performers may be selected to perform on the auditorium stage before the MSU Drumline performance. 



What happens at the event?

Each high school group has 20 - 25 minutes to perform and be critiqued by the clinicians. The music performed is left to the discretion of each individual group. Along with this, the clinicians will give a clinic on performance/rehearsal techniques. The MSU Drumline and Percussion Ensemble will also perform.

What should our drumline play?

That is completely up to you. This can vary from an exercise program to music from the fall halftime show. Cadences, indoor drumline shows, etc. are all possibilities. The clinicians will have things to say about each percussion piece/exercise in terms of technique and musical concepts that apply. We recommend performing for 10 - 15 minutes so our clinicians have some time to work with you. 

Should we bring our front ensemble?

Yes! If you have a front ensemble in your percussion section, you are welcome to bring them to participate. There is plenty of room for any set-up. Please just check this on the registration form so we can accommodate.

Are there any performance opportunities for small ensembles or soloists?

We do have a solo / ensemble festival! An ensemble could be a bass drum section playing an ensemble, or a group of players playing a concert percussion ensemble. A soloist could play a published or original solo. A solo/ensemble does not need to be rudimental!  At least one performer / group will be chosen to play on stage towards the end of the day. Please email if you have any questions!

What should our group do when we are done?

The clinic is open to the public, and the students are definitely encouraged to attend as much as they can. This is an opportunity for the students to see what other high schools do, as well as see the other clinics that day.

Is this a competition?

No. This event offers the students a good performance opportunity and feedback from great percussionists. There are no scores or ratings.

What is the section clinic?

The section clinic is an hour-long clinic given by each section of the MSU Drumline. This is a chance for every person attending to play with members of the MSU Drumline! This will be held outdoors, so please dress accordingly.


If you have additional questions please email

Some of our past guest artists / clinicians: 

Scott Johnson, Jeff Queen, Bret Kuhn, BYOS (Harvey Thompson and Ralph Nader), Roger Carter, Mike McIntosh, Jeff Moore, Jeff Prosperie, Lee Beddis, Matt Savage, Colin McNutt, Murray Gusseck, Tim Jackson, Ralph Hardimon, Wayne Bovenschen, Tracy Wiggins, and more!

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