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The Spartan Marching Band Color Guard is one of the auxiliary sections in the marching band that performs during our halftime shows. Our team is comprised of talented performers from a wide range of majors at MSU. The color guard spends time refining dance and flag technique, learning choreography for new shows, and perfecting our performance with the marching band.

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members in the SMBCC
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When learning a one week show, the SMBCG typically learns all choreography in one rehearsal!
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Katie Fedak, 3rd year

"The SMB has been a second home and a safe space for me and a lot of other students at MSU. I can say a lot of positive things, but truly the best part is the people I get to spin with every day. The guard team inspires me and makes all the hard work worth it!"


One of the SMBCG’s favorite warm-up activities is Zumba! On occasion, we’ll lead the full marching band in some Zumba warm ups for rehearsal.


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