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The Tenor Saxophone section is a small yet mighty brigade of SMB members. We find fun in all situations and have a very close relationship with one another, which makes us a very productive and well-performing section while still having a great time. We keep our good attitudes whenever we are together in and out of rehearsal. As a smaller section, we spend a great deal of time with one another and become a second family. While maintaining our standards of performance, we never take ourselves too seriously and always live in the moment for the betterment of ourselves and the band.




members in the section each year


horn moves during the MSU Series
Jenny Chan

"Being a Spartan Tenor is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I was nervous at first, but as soon as I met everyone, I knew I had 17 other people supporting me no matter what. The people I’ve met are definitely life-long friends. Bleed Green!"

A little "Ditty"

Gamedays are full of fun, exciting traditions within every section of the band, and in the tenor section, our rendition of Scotland the Brave is our most beloved tradition. Popularly known to all as “Ditty”, this tradition was started over 20 years ago as a clever way to poke fun at the Notre Dame Fighting Irish during one of the games. During the Ditty debut, the tenors wore kilts and surrounded Notre Dame fans while playing and kicking their legs out at them. Now, we play Ditty during our Adams field warm-ups while surrounding our parents, alumni, and any fortunate passersby.


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