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The Tuba section is a commanding presence on and off the field. The shining silver bells swinging in unison grab and hold the viewer's attention, as do the back-breaking dip flashes performed during the series. The commitment to marching excellence is matched by the section's powerful bass which serves as the foundation of the ensemble. In the same way that former presidents retain their honorific for life, so too do Spartan Tubas. The ties of history are strong, and active alumni relationships go back decades. Come to a rehearsal, come to a game, and pay us a visit. It's always great to be a Spartan Tuba.




members in the section each year
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The sousaphone weighs over 35lbs that we swing and dip around our body during the series
Hook, Squad Leader

"Being a Spartan Tuba has meant the world to me. I've had the privilege of making friends for live while representing such an amazing section."

Getting fancy

One of the many highlights of being a Spartan Tuba is our bowl game fancy dinner. Every year that we get to travel to a bowl game, the Tuba section dresses up in our fanciest clothes and eats at a top-ranked restaurant in the city we are in. The whole section gets to vote on where we go, and the night is always full of memories, food, and fun!


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