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Giving to the MSU Drumline

There are different ways to give to the MSU Drumline and the Spartan Marching Band.  

To give to the SMB, please click on the link above and search for Spartan Marching Band. 

Below are some ways to give specifically to the MSU Drumline.  Thank you for considering any support! 

General Drumline

Spartan Marching Band Drumline:  Donations here will go the drumline for expenses such as cymbal gloves / sleeves, drumheads, maintenance, and more. 

Spartan Championship Drums Endowment Fund: Similar to the account above, but in an endowment (the principal is not used, but the interest from the amount given). Created by Merritt Lutz and Gary Milnarich.


Spartan Championship Drums Drum Corps International Scholarship Fund: Created by Merritt Lutz. This supports drumline members who perform in DCI and/or WGI.  These independent ensembles have increased in cost; this scholarship has helped many MSU students perform in the top ensembles in the nation. 

Lodge Family Scholarship for the Spartan Drumline: Created by Dick Lodge, the Lodge Family Scholarship assists drumline members who excel in performance, leadership, and in their academic program. 

Troy Wiegand Memorial SMB Drumline Scholarship Fund: Created by Bob, Carol, and Heather Wiegand as a memorial and tribute to great Spartan Drummer Troy Wiegand.  This is given to drumline members who show Troy's enthusiasm, high level of performance, and ability to inspire those around them. 

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