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Auditions for the Spartan Marching Band take place during the late spring and early summer each academic year. These auditions are held live and take place in the MSU College of Music and on the SMB Turf Field; there is a virtual options for students who cannot attend in person. Please visit the Steps listed below for further information regarding your section of interest.


Register for an audition

All interested individuals should first register for an audition using the link below if they have not already. This will add you to our information mailing list which will provide audition updates, reminders, and allow you to stay connected with the SMB!


Physical audition

Toe-Knee-Toe-Heel, Breakdown Drill

(2 times for each leg, 16 counts total, quarter note =124)


16 counts of Mark Time

(quarter note = 124)


8 counts Forward March (8 to 5) into 8 counts Prance

(quarter note = 156)


Your audition will be evaluated on the following criteria:

posture, body control, timing, foot/leg technique, physical fitness, and overall visual performance.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Big Ten Flag Corps section leaders, Lexi Hicks and Renae Kenny

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